The Night of August 10th, 2006

Janet spent August 10th, 2006 at Day Camp Sunshine having a wonderful time and enjoying a special hayride at the end day. Grandpa picked her and Jimmy up early so they would have time to come home and rest before going to football and cheerleading practice. Janet had everything ready for practice for both her and Jimmy and was skipping around the house telling her Mom that it was a miracle that her ankle didn’t hurt anymore. (She hadn’t been running laps because her ankle hurt.)

We arrived at 5:50 p.m. and Janet helped Jimmy carry his helmet and water out to the field. The girls cheering practice started a little after 6:00 p.m. The coaches spent some time talking to the girls and then they did light stretching and warm ups. The girls then went to jog one lap around the field. Tonight, Janet decided to go because her ankle felt better.

While jogging the lap, Janet told a friend she was feeling tired and was going to lie down. Janet went unconscious and her heart stopped beating. A pediatric trauma nurse onsite began administering CPR. Her heart began beating again, but every time CPR was stopped, her heartbeat would stop. While in the ambulance, we almost lost Janet several times. CPR was done continuously en route to the hospital.

Janet was alive when we arrived at the hospital. She stabilized and was alert. We spoke with her and told her how much we love her and to fight and be strong. The doctors asked her questions and she responded to all of them. A while later, we were told that she would be OK. With this great news, everyone started to breathe an apprehensive sigh of relief.

Shortly after, Janet went into cardiac arrest. The doctors worked vigilantly to save her but could not. We do not know what caused this to happen to Janet. She did not have any known medical or heart problems. We hope and pray that the specialists will be able to provide us with the answers.

Our hearts are forever broken.

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