Janet's Condition (Bilateral Hypoplastic Coronary Arteries)

Bilateral Hypoplasia of the Coronary Arteries

After her Sudden Cardiac Death, Janet Zilinski was diagnosed with a congenital coronary anomaly known as Bilateral (both sides) hypoplastic (extremely small, sometimes minute) coronary arteries. Her coronary arteries were extremely small and the left coronary artery did not reach the back of the heart.

The posterior (backside) of her heart was likely not perfused adequately during exercise, thus causing her Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Hypoplasia of both right and left circumflex coronary arteries in the same heart is a rare occurrence

Source: William C. Roberts, Brian N. Glick; ‘Congenital Hypoplasia of Both Right and Left Circumflex Coronary Arteries

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