The Story of Cheer ‘Angle’

When Janet was in 4th grade, she begged her father for an Instant Message ‘IM’ Name; wanting so much to be able to talk online with her friends. After much discussion and going over the rules for who she could talk to, Janet’s father agreed to create an IM name for her. Janet immediately decided on ‘CheerAngel’. After finally figuring out how to setup the name, (this was quite a project), he announced to Janet that it was done. She could officially start IMing her friends. That’s when we looked at the name and noticed that she was not Cheer Angel but rather Cheer Angle. She then started walking around the house with her arms up and bending her body to the side saying she was ‘Cheer Angle’. This became the running joke in our family.

When we were creating Janet’s new website, we decided to place the words over her cheer picture ‘Forever our Cheer Angel’. When the test version was given to us (by the company creating the site), the wording above the picture read, ‘Forever our Cheer Angle’. We thought this was another great reminder that Janet wants us to be happy. We could picture her walking around the house bent like an angle. We know that Janet had a wonderful sense of humor and would have gotten a kick out of the mistake – so, we decided to leave it. She will forever be both our Cheer Angel and our Cheer Angle.

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